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A nice peaceful surrounding is much desired for Tasseomancy reading. Astrology Circle. Fortune Teller. Tasseography or tea leaf reading is tea leaves fortune telling. Price: Free.

Tasseomancy Guide – The Art of Reading Tea Leaves

The word -. Other Apps In This Category. Yes No Question And Answer. Daily Fortune Cookie Online. However, the more you try, the easier it will become, like all forms of divination. Fortune tellers had, however, already been making their predictions using other, more rudimentary materials, such as melted wax.

Read Your Own Tea Leaves for Free

While there are specific methods for reading the patterns formed by used tea leaves or coffee grounds, the interpretation of the pattern itself is somewhat subjective, as it relies on the imagination of the fortune teller, or diviner. To read tea, for instance, one should brew a cup without using the strainer and then drain the leaves completely in the cup, in order to observe any patterns they will then make.

The interpretation will depend on what approximate figure the diviner sees, whether it is a letter or a symbol, or something else entirely. There are probably hundreds of more traditional and more modern standard tasseomancy symbols, but some of them are quite common and well-known.

Reading Tea Leaves

As for the cups themselves, most diviners will prefer to work with a simple, white one, which allows them to see the symbols more clearly. These cups are usually grouped in one of three categories: zodiac cups, playing card cups and symbol cups. Zodiac sets contain, as the name indicates, planetary and zodiac symbols. Usually, the cup has the planetary markings and the saucer the zodiac signs.

These sets are mostly used to combine tasseomancy with astrology. Playing card sets usually contain a full deck of cards imprinted inside them.

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It can be a poker deck with 52 cards and the joker or a smaller card euchre deck. Some cards may be printed on the saucer, or it might contain brief interpretations instead.

Tea Leaves & Tarot Readings!

These sets are used to combine cartomancy readings with tasseomancy. The symbol sets are the ones that are strictly meant for tasseomancy, as they display symbol cues to assist the reading. Make sure you use a light colored teacup so you can actually see what the leaves are doing.

Also, use a loose leaf tea blend — and the larger the tea leaves, the more efficient your reading will be. Blends such as Darjeeling and Earl Grey typically have larger leaves. Try to avoid the Indian blends, because they include not only smaller leaves, but also occasional dust, small twigs, and other bits of detritus. This is where the divination begins.

Mountain: Symbol In Tea Leaf Dictionary | inuberat.gq

There are two typical methods of interpreting the images. The first is to use a set of standard image interpretations — symbols that have been passed down from generation to generation. For instance, an image of what looks like a dog typically represents a loyal friend, or an apple usually symbolizes the development of knowledge or education.

There are a number of books available on tea leaf symbols, and although there is a bit of variation in the interpretations, usually these symbols have universal meanings. The second method of interpreting the cards is to do so intuitively. Much like any other method of divination— Tarot , scrying , etc.