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Still, they prefer to rule. They stand out through their own sense of strength and courage in life endeavors. They strive for independence and, indeed, they reach such a position as a result of their patiently, scrupulously realized and well-thought plans. Their ventures can be brash. Their vice is their over-the-top ambition.

Monthly Horoscopes 12222

When they are undeveloped and unstable — it is a constant source of internal unease and will not let them achieve true happiness. The unusual activity that fills their soul seems therefore to outsiders a mere unjustified dissatisfaction with the existing order of things. Another source of their inner power — ability to fit in life circumstances — shows itself when we deal with a primitive individual — of less pleasant nature.

Their respect for their superiors can then become mere servilism.

Astrological Elements

They strive for the best material gain for any cost, but their desire to make a career can shroud all other horizons, at which point they stop at nothing to reach the goal they set their eyes on. It can often be seen that they draw their income from using the weaknesses or misfortune of others. Although they do not find joy in the fact that someone is weaker than them, they do not hesitate to make use of the situation when they see an opportunity.

January 7 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

They do not have many colleagues or friends, and their life experiences can totally isolate them. This star also warns against being too critical or abrupt.

One of your major challenges is to recognize your inner power and learn to refuse offers of positions beneath your capabilities. At times you may find yourself working for people who do not have your level of awareness, and so it is important to have faith in your outstanding potential and talents. Receptive to new ideas and interested in freedom and reforms, you can be inventive and progressive and hence harbor a need to express your original opinions.

Your independent thinking can also make you confrontational, but if you direct your argumentative inclinations into developing debating skills and communication, you can really excel. While you may not push yourself to the forefront, you are naturally suited for leadership of some description.

Sensitive, you may be prone to moods at times, leading you to withdraw or appear cold. Nevertheless, this awareness can also enhance your intuition and give you a sixth sense about people or circumstances. When you totally trust your inspired thoughts and perceptive insight, you link to your source of spontaneity and wisdom. This helps you radiate warmth and a powerful love that can magnetize or enchant others. Even though you have a sharp business sense, you may be more interested in something that combines your executive and leadership ability with your exceptional imagination and creative talents.

This could manifest in writing, drama, or the arts.

Birthday Horoscope January 7th Capricorn, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate January

Good organizing ability, idealism, and a humanitarian streak could have you working in large or public organizations. Careerwise, the accent is on your mental and creative abilities. You may wish to pursue a career as a teacher, advisor, or social worker. If in business, you may work as an agent or negotiator, or as a mediator who handles the financial affairs of others. Often willing to work behind the scenes, you can be a producer or promoter.

Your Zodiac Sign May Have Changed — But Don’t Panic

You are advised not to settle for less than your high potential indicates. Humanitarian, you may wish to devote your life to social reforms. Bernadette of Lourdes.

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Analytical and thoughtful, number 7 individuals are often perfectionistic, critical, and self-absorbed. Preferring to make your own decisions, you frequently learn best through personal experience. This desire to learn can lead you into the academic world or to improving your skills. At times, you can become oversensitive to criticism from others and feel misunderstood.

Astrology for Kids

Your tendency to be inquisitive and enigmatic leads you to develop the art of asking subtle questions without letting anyone know what you really think. The subinfluence of the number 1 month indicates that you are perceptive and shrewd, with discriminative abilities. The great desire to be first and autonomous is also suggested by your birthday. A tendency to be skeptical suggests that although you are intuitive, you are likely to doubt your own decisions and worry.

Practical, you want to commercialize your ideas and are often a specialist in one particular area.