February 1 2020 new moon horoscope


  1. Sun enters Sagittarius
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When is the next New Moon? November 26, What does the New Moon do? What happens on the day of a New Moon? What is the difference between the New Moon and the Full Moon? The New Moon in Sagittarius will bring you plenty of love and romance. The New Moon is the opportune time to launch new projects and to follow your dreams.

Sun enters Sagittarius

The New Moon is ideally a period of hard work, whereas the Full Moon is a period of reward. Afterwards, the Moon will appear as a tiny little crescent which will get bigger and bigger, day by day. During the phase of the New Moon, the lunar disk is invisible to the naked eye. The Moon affects are very important and impacting on the human body, our mental health and even women's menstrual cycles. Discover what's in store in your weekly horoscope as well as today's horoscope.

Do you ever see the same number sequences? Check out our Angel numbers guide and discover the message from your Guardian Angels. Discover Astrofame's selection of products to learn more about the Moon:. The New Moon is an invisible phase for us on Earth, because the Moon is located between the Earth and the Sun, meaning the illuminated side shines away from us. Although the New Moon is invisble in the night sky for us on Earth, this monthly cycle has huge impacts that we must pay attention to.

Find out what lies ahead in your Tarot cards. The New Moon marks a new start , it's the perfect time to initiate new projects. During the New Moon, sow any seeds you may have. The New Moon is a time for hard work and requires effort to be put in if you are to succeed.

The Zodiac and the Moon's Astrological Location

Fifteen days afterwards, the Full Moon will illuminate the sky and it may bring you success and some good news! Below is an example of the Lunar phases across 28 days:. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is located between the Earth and the Sun and a Full Moon is when we are able to see the entire illuminated portion of the Moon.

If you want to benefit from the New Moon, here are some tips on what you need to do. When should you cut your hair in accordance with the Moon?

February 1st Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

If you want your hair to grow back quicker, cut it when the Moon is in a crescent phase; between the New Moon and the Full Moon. The New Moon rises at sunrise, travels through the meridian at noon and sets at sunset. This really works!

Vegetables are the most resistant when the Moon is in an ascending phase. This is the time to sow any seeds, plant, harvest, or do any grafting. At the very least, launch your intentions and acknowledge that you are enough right now. Change can require a lot of willpowerr and rubbing up against fear for Taurus.

The eclipse of late January represented a culmination in the sign of love Leo and your Third House of communication and commerce. This is due to the big New Moon Eclipse of Feb. The mid-month seductive pull to enter foreign territory or shake things up could even be through the catalyst of relationship with that Mars in fiery Sagittarius fresh in your 7 th House of committed partnership.

Lunar Calendar 12222: Follow the Lunar phases in our Moon calendar 12222

However, the key here is opening yourself to experiences that make your soul sing and grow. You may not even see the full results of the intentions you set for six months or a year as these act as super New Moons that can change our course.

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People will definitely be pushing your buttons this month, although hopefully in a fun way! Tender-hearted Cancers can be a wee overprotective about their emotional assets, but the Cosmos are setting you up for things to get complicated This could translate as much as sharing a financial investment as it could a bed. How can you get some more skin in the game? A good day to meditate on this is around Feb. Even before that, however, take some time to listen to your heart and acknowledge what would really vitalize you on that Feb.

2020 Astrology Calendar: Retrogrades, Full Moons, and More

The Feb. This is the Eclipse of New Beginning so this has wonderful implications for birthing a relationship of the committed-one-on-one variety or re-awakening the one you already find yourself in. Set those intentions around Feb. Meanwhile, feisty Mars in fellow fire-sign Sagittarius and your 5 th House of creativity will definitely give you some guts this month.

This Eclipse happened in your 12th House of healing and letting go and probably illuminated some truth you were hard-pressed to confront head-on.


It may sound boring, but the 6 th House is where we put in the work and create self-care rituals and work habits that can create huge stuff later on. Remember, cream rises and the Virgo quest towards excellence is in full swing. Remember: Jupiter in Scorpio and your Second House all year is not only there to grow your income but on a deeper level to have you show up for what you value.

What do you value most about your creativity?

How can you bring more of you to the fore and do it any small, bold way you can in the here and now? Do it. Energy will mellow out after Feb. Look especially forward to Feb. For now, however, keep the pedal to the metal and open to all the new information and helpful people that are broadening your vision and getting you in touch with your innermost needs. It could be time to hire a fresh crew or just bring those VIPs who truly support you and your vision for the future closer.

More Inspiration

Simply through a boon in optimism and the foolishness to know you deserve it, you stumble into lucky breaks. This is a busy month for you, Sag! It looks like fantastic fun from a cosmic standpoint. Your attitude and past efforts will frame your particular experience of February transits of course, but the Cosmos are setting you up to win. Transiting your 1 st House, this is about feeding your fire and saying yes to energetic investments toward new projects.