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The writer is not an Astrologer and has little understanding of the subject. Related Articles on Ancient-Origins. Nearly everyone has heard of the Chinese New Year festival, but there is another festival that is very important in China and East Asia. This is the Mid-Autumn Festival , which is an enormous party Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a massive distillery in China that dates to the Ming and Qing dynasties. The discovery is believed to be the largest of its kind ever made in China, Although we still cannot accurately predict earthquakes, we have come a long way in detecting, recording, and measuring seismic shocks.

There are rarely any parts of our history more intriguing and interesting than the chronicles of ancient China. Full of unique cultural traits, obscure and colorful mythologies, and above all A year-old boy in China who was out playing near a lake accidently unearthed a fossilized egg that led to the discovery of a very rare dinosaur nest that is 66 million years old. The find is just Top New Stories. Scientists have found exceptionally preserved microbial remains in some of Earth's oldest rocks in Western Australia - a major advance in the field, offering clues for how life on Earth originated.

In ancient Greek mythology, Medusa is the most famous of three monstrous sisters known as the Gorgons. The Ancient Pagan Origins of Easter. Human Origins. It doesn't take much to stimulate the human body's electro-magnetic circuitry, in fact a small change in the local environment is enough to create a change in awareness.

People who visit ancient The origins of human beings according to ancient Sumerian texts. Where are Ashkenazi Jews from? Their Origins May Surprise You. Do you dare enter a fairy ring? The mythical mushroom portals of the supernatural. Ancient Technology. The revolutionary invention of the wheel.

Ancient Places. More than a dozen tunnels have been found in Cornwall, England, that are unique in the British Isles. No one knows why Iron Age people created them. The fact that the ancients supported their tops The Origin of Music. Over the finish line the Dragon soared swiftly, moving in a majestic aerial stride as it shimmied through the clouds, his long tail streaming and lashing about the placid sky, wind racing past him.

As the Dragon made his rapid descent, the clouds seemed to part.

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The Jade Emperor stood awaiting the great creature. Why has the Dragon not come in first place? When the Jade Emperor addressed the Dragon, he began to explain the circumstances that had befallen him. A fire had ignited amidst their crops and they had been surrounded in a circle of blaze. I knew that my spot in the Zodiac was on the line, but I could not stand by and watch.

To put out the flames, I used my breath to extinguish the blaze, snuffing it out like a flickering candle. I had to be careful though. I did not want to also sweep the villagers up in this gale of my own creation.

The twelve animal signs of the Chinese calendar

I also saw a tiny Rabbit in the river clinging to a log, so I used my breath to push it to shore. The Jade Emperor smiled again. He was well acquainted with the Dragon's nature. He was not disappointed in him.

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As the Dragon and the Jade Emperor spoke, the Horse was in the midst of galloping across the river, splashing up water as her hooves moved like beating pistons through the ankle deep water, beads of mist silhouetting her strong equestrian form. The Horse burst from the river. Only a few strides separated her from the finish line. Something slithered through the grass. From the grass the Snake surged out, approaching from behind the Horse's hooves. Overtaken by shock the Horse recoiled, leaping backwards. A high nay exited the Horse's mouth, hooves thrown up towards the sky.

The Chinese Zodiac

With a quick slither, the Snake crossed the finish line. The Jade Emperor watched the snake move past the finish-line, still smiling. He did not judge the Snake. The Snake had merely been clever.

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The Horse lowered her long-face, a tinge of shame lingering in her dark beady eyes as she stepped slowly across the finish line. Fear had cost her the sixth spot. Her legs, which moments ago had carried her in an untamed gallop were now locked in slow shaky steps, which barely left imprints upon the dirt. Back in the river, the Monkey, the Rooster, and the star of , the Sheep, all floated atop a raft, which the Rooster had found resting by the opposite shore - unclaimed by anyone. Together, the three of them worked furiously, using lengthy branches as makeshift paddles.

The sticks would often get caught in tangles of unwieldy underwater weeds, which weaved up from the riverbed, but the three of them did not stop paddling, severing the leafy binds with forceful branch strokes.

Chinese zodiac - Wikipedia

When the Rooster, the Monkey, and the Sheep reached the river's shore, they let the Sheep cross first - claiming 8th place. The Sheep had been so comforting and formed such harmonious bonds with them, that the others felt it was only right to let the Sheep claim the 8th place.

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If the sheep had helped foster these bonds, they may not have all made it to the finish-line. Coat sopping wet, the dog scrambled across the finish line next, panting as he did so, canine tongue flapping from his open mouth. The dog was an adept swimmer, but because he had not bathed for some time, he had over indulged in the river, frolicking without a care in the water. The sun sat high in the sky today and had heated the water, making it pleasant to bathe in. And, thus, the dog claimed the eleventh place in the race.

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